Time to renew your tape in hair extensions!

Summer is about to come on the northern hemisphere, and with that a lot of events, such as proms, holidays and vacations! This year, it is coming to be a trend again the usage of tape in hair extensions to improve your look among your beloved ones, plus give you a hint of self esteem.

The usage of hair extensions are way more healthier to your hair, since you don’t have to spend money on  hair treatments, since you can purchase a perfect match in color and style, according to your hair type.

The process to attach them to your hair is very simple, and is the top choice of most hair dressers. This is because it is a solution that is not costly, requires low maintenance, does not damage your original hair, is reusable, and invisible/flexible. See below how it is easy to be installed

Tape in hair extensions are hands down are the BEST method on the market. That is why celebrities and fashion icons are choosing to get tape in extensions. Easy to apply, easy to maintain, you don’t feel them and they are the best out there.  If you are new to extensions or wanting to switch from clips or individual extensions, tape in extensions will be the best choice for you. You will not regret getting the tape in hair extensions. Just get high quality tape extensions and have them applied by a trained professional – this will make your experience that much better with tape extensions. Interested? Find out more about tape in hair extensions here!

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BestHairBuy – Great hair extensions!

Have you ever suffered of having to wait for too long for your hair to grow? Or maybe do you feel a little bit annoyed to have a long hair permanently because it involves too much care to deal with that? Do you lose your patience of having to take care of a big hair daily? If yes for any of those questions, the solution for you to do an upgrade on your look without having to wait might be to use hair extensions.

Extensions do more than add length; they also add volume. If you have hair that’s at least 3 inches long, you can get extensions. You can have them braided, glued or woven in, or if you only want them super-temporarily, you can clip them in as well. And they come in all kinds of colors, so you can match your current hair color or add a highlighting or lowlighting effect. There are several types of applications, such as:

Hair extensions: this is the generic type of this kind of extension. They can be applied by a professional in a hairdressed and might be from small batches to small batches, but also used to do productions for weddings, photoshooting or any other kind of special event. They might be done using natural or artificial hair.

Clip in hair extensions: Clip-in hair extensions are a quick, easy, and temporary DIY approach to achieving longer and fuller hair, with no long-term bonding, pain, or damage to your hair. They are easily affixed and can be perfectly matched and blended with your own hair to create length, emphasize volume, or even to add highlights to your natural hair. All clip-in hair extensions come in one or multiple pieces, which are called wefts, that will vary in width. Extensions can be clipped in and out of your hair in a matter of minutes and are practically invisible. They are by far the fastest and most affordable way to transform the look of your hair without breaking the bank or damaging your natural hair.

Humain hair extensions: this kind of extension only uses human hairs to create the look. The pros of thats is that finishing is very natural and also it’s easier to maintain it, since you will have to only wash and rinse it just like you do with your current hair.

So, have you ever used or thought about using hair extensions for an special event or more recurrently to do an change on your look? Tell me on the comments!

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