Royalty at your house!

There’s been exactly one month that we’ve had one of the most important events of the English Royalty, the Royal Wedding! We’ve had the opportunity to see live worldwide the transmission of that beautiful ceremony, pay attention on the outfits and, of course, appreciate the amazing decoration of the royal venues.

I’ve had some opportunities in my life to visit some of the royal venues. The last were the Buckingham palace and the Windsor Castle (including St. George Chapel, when Meghan and Harry have gotten married), at the middle of last year.

In all of them, we can repair the same pattern on the decoration, with great furniture, astonishing mattresses and, of course, the curtains. For me, what brings the best sense of royalty in a room to me are the wallpapers and the curtains style. They use it not just on the windows, but also around the bed or to divide rooms, acting as a panel. This type of decoration also resembles me of the great princess movies of Disney, that are such an inspiration!

This is a great example of what I’m telling of one of the living rooms available at the Buckingham Palace

Another living room from The Buckingham Palace

The great thing about the curtains is that we can replicate a bit of this royal feeling in our house! I’ve found some stores that sells several models of very elegant curtains, for a reasonable price. So, royalty can be closer than we think from our lives!

So, what would you think about that? Do you believe it can work in a 21st century home, or would you prefer to use it to throw a thematic party, for instance? Tell me here on the comments!


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