Glass decor for your house!

When thinking about decoration for your house, it is extremely important on this journey to not just find your style of decoration, but also to think about choosing items that will last over time. One of the decoration items I find the most durable (of course, you need to take care of not breaking it), are glass items. Glass usually will not discolor or fade over time, and maintenance is quite simple. Just use glass cleaner products, that are very cheap, and voilà! Brand new again!

On my region there are several factories specialized on glass art, but they are more focused on living room decoration items, such as vases, paper weights and glass baskets. See some examples of how beautiful they are below.

But, if you are looking for glass items that can be installed at your home, such as door knobs, sinks and options similar to this one, the best way is to order on the internet. You will find not just a variety of items, but they will be also cheaper as well. During my reference searches, I’ve found, for instance some beautiful blue lotus glass sinks, that will combine very well on a lady’s restroom or in a country house. If you are looking for something less exotic, and simpler, this website offers good options as well.

So, what is your style of decoration? Are you minimalist or do you like to innovate, using pieces of decoration in your house that reflects your personal style? Tell me on the comments!


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