Whether it’s winter or not, pay attention on eczema symptoms!

We all love to feel the soft and smooth skin of babies, since it hasn’t suffered yet with life! But, even when they’re toddlers, they need to have their skin taken care of, just like we do with us as adults. It is very common, mainly during winter times when we use a water that’s too hot for the shower and lots of clothing layers that babies can develop an condition named Eczema. This is also known as atopic dermatitis, and it is when the baby starts presenting a raw, dry, red and itchy skin usually on the hands, knees and face. Other symptoms are little bubbles that surfaces on the skin, and if it stays for too long, the skin becomes so harsh that an major treatment might be required. It is more common that we think, and one in five babies are likely to present this condition at some point of life.

This is an example of a degree of eczema on a baby’s skin … See that this one looks like just small bubbles instead of only skin redness, and the best way to treat it is by using creams with the purpose of healing it without steroids

To treat that, the best suggestion is to choose for revitol eczema cream to buy, since it doesn’t have steroids on the formula, what could be harmful for the baby’s health. Besides that, this is a product that is great to include on the baby shower list, or give to mommies when visiting the babies at home. I don’t have and don’t plan to have any kids now or on the medium term future, but always try to give gifts that are useful and will ease mom’s lives, mainly when they’re with their first ones. Since I usually go to baby showers at least once every six months, it is important to get this education as well!

Other options to include on the kit for a first baby shower, along with teddy bears and clothes, are first aid/hygiene kids, where you can include your eczema cream in there. Those are usually composed of wet wipes, cotton, gas relief drops, gripe water, baby soap, shampoo, cleaning lotions, pomades, oils, eczema cream/pomade and ointment treatment creams. On this kit, it is also interesting to include gloves to the baby, to prevent them from scratching the skin if they present any condition on the skin that might be aggravated by touching that too often.

You can also think about gifts that are not just for the baby, but also for the mom, such as relaxing products such as body lotion, scented oils, exfoliating creams, face masks and food treatment products. Other category of gifts that are very nice for moms are books and magazines non-baby related, so they can relax during the day from the stressing routine of taking care of a newborn.

What other tips do you have for first trip moms regarding baby skincare or gift ideas to present moms on baby showers? Please let me know on the comments what are your thoughts about it!


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